Although Krups started out small, as a company which produced precision scales back in 1846, when it was founded. Located in Solingen, Krups had an advantage on the German market, especially within the West part of Germany, where it landed several devices which made their fortune. One of them was the 3Mix, or also called the Drei-Mix, which was a mixing machine, and the second device was the ONKO coffee machine. With these two devices in portfolio, and the postwar reconstruction era in place, Krups branded itself as the essential choice of every household in West Germany, and thus, owes their success to the economic boom of postwar Germany. Now, several decades later, the company ended up as a part of the Groupe SEB and is no longer tied to Germany alone, but they still produce high quality devices, with several thousand products behind them, including your Krups XP2070.

Where can I download the Krups XP2070 PDF manual for free?

Finding the right manual can be quite challenging, there are several websites which act as they are offering it for free, but are then asking for a subscription and you can’t actually take a look at it without either logging in or buying the subscription. Luckily, we’re not one of those subscription based sites, we can link you the solution for free, here you go: