Group SEB, also known was the Société d’Emboutissage de Bourgogne, as of now owns six different brands which they acquired through the years, one of them being Krups, the small company from Germany which found its way through the market during the postwar boom of West Germany, and is now one of the big players within the industry of home appliances. One of the staples of the companies success was their coffee machine, which was found in almost every second household in the postwar West Germany, and with all that branding and life long customers, they created a steady line-up of high quality devices, and it’s not a surprise that some of our German grandmothers are still sporting 20+ old devices in their kitchens. In case you’re one of those owners who like to take care of their devices, with the Krups XP4600 in mind,  then welcome to our today’s article, where we’re going to cover the user manual of the device.

Where can I download the Krups XP4600 PDF manual for free?

In case you want to play around with the features of your device, or just go through some troubleshooting steps, you can always consult the Krups XP4600 PDF manual which came with your device. In case you lost it, the internet can be of help. On the next link you can either take a look at it online or download it for later use, here it is: