One fun fact about Krups, do you remember the film first (and best) Alien movie? The one from 1979? Well, Krups had its Type 223 Coffina coffee grinder used as a prop in it. Why? Well, back in the days, during the postwar Germany period, Krups was well known for its high quality devices, and although back then they didn’t have a coffee machine, they did have a popular device called Drei-Mix, and the above mentioned Type 223 coffee grinder.

Later on they introduced their first coffee machine, and rest in history. As of now, Krups is one out of six brands owned under the French Group SEB, and with a steady flow of yearly revenue, the company is constantly improving their devices, not only when it comes to usability, but also within the smart sector. In case you’re still owning the Krups XP5240, be sure to take good care of it, because these things can last for decades.

Where can I download the Krups XP5240 PDF manual for free?

Manuals can be problematic, either you lose them or it didn’t came with the device at all, maybe it also ended up in the trash can together with the box, who knows. Luckily, there are alternatives available, and one of them is downloading the Krups XP5240 PDF manual off the internet, and we have the right link for you: