Canon, the Trillion Yen corporation from Japan, has been specializing in cameras and printers for a while now, and as of August this year, the company will mark 80 years of existence. It’s not like they were always within the camera business, not at all, they started out as a small company which tried their best with using what the market offered, ranging from Nikon parts up to copying others, but in the end, they succeeded in creating one of the worlds best known camera and printer brands. In the past few years, especially in 2014. and 2015., they are focusing on a new venture, which is within the surveillance industry, and by acquiring a Danish IP Surveillance software company, and the Swedish Security Camera maker Axis Communication, we can probably expect a new line of products soon. Nut, until then, let’s cover the today’s topic, which is the PDF manual for your Canon MG3650, let’s go:

Where can I download the Canon Pixma MG3650 PDF Manual for free?

With all the websites claiming that they have the right manual, but you first need to pay them a certain monthly sum, I can only imagine how many links you had to click around Google to find this. There’s one thing certain, user manuals, regardless of the brand, are always free, since they are required by law to include one with your device, and have it available for downloading in case someone lost it or didn’t get one. Canon actually made a directory full of manuals, and you can also find your Canon MG3650 there, check it out: