Before we cover your Canon MG5750 printer, let me just share an interesting story about the origins of the name Canon. The sole name was created from the word Kwan’on, and in Buddhism, this term describes someone who made or generated a spontaneous wish that will benefit to himself and to mankind. So, at first, the company featured Bodhisattva (the Gautama Buddha) on their logo, together with their first variation of the name, which was Kwanon. Through the years the name and the logo saw several variations, and now, 80 years later (as of August 2018.), the company has reached a mature state, and is well known as Canon. To be honest with you, I can not imagine how the design team was handling everything, must have been an interesting venture 😀  Ok, now that I shared that with you, let’s go back to your problem, which is:

Where can I download the Canon Pixma MG5750 PDF Manual for free?

Finding the right Canon MG5750 PDF Manual can be quite challenging nowadays, not only are there a bunch of sites asking for money or some subscriptions to actually give the manual to you, you’re also offered a lot of fake links and .exe downloads. Don’t fall for that, Canon made it clear, they have a directory full of PDF manuals available for free, with your device included in to it. So, here’s the official link: