Although most of the older generation will remember HP as the company which, back in 1997.,  broke the law in quite a serious matter. Basically, despite the sanctions from Bill Clinton, they still sold printers and computers to Iran. For those of you who don’t know the story, it was an unsupported deal worth more then 120 millions of dollars, which shouldn’t even happen in the first place because of the Executive Order 12959. Ah, HP, full of controversies and stories. I could actually write all day about it, especially in regards to their cartridge scandal which they had just a few years ago, but I don’t want to bother you with these details, you just came for a simple PDF manual, and to keep the story short, we have the direct link below.

Where can I download the HP Officejet PRO l7600 PDF Manual for free?

Regardless if you need to troubleshoot your device or just figure what the buttons do, you can always consult the manual for help. In case you lost it, there is a free version available through the HP Manual directory, which also includes your HP Officejet PRO l7600 PDF Manual. Without further ado, here’s the link: