Arris, a British telco that started out in England, Wales, back in 1995., and quickly expanded to the States, with an executive office now located within Suwanee, Georgia, has been fighting for the role of market leader within the modem industry for quite some time. One of the biggest steps they made was back in 2012., where they announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobility’s home unit, with the merge ending in 2013. So, behind this 2 billion deal is the reason why some of their products are still holding the Motorola name or Motorola branded user instructions. Now, almost 5 years later, Arris is stacking up to 6 billion of revenue per year, which doesn’t come as a surprise. And although the amount of money looks huge, it was all thanks to the modem department, with the SURFboard series, and this is where we come to the today’s topic, the Arris SB6141.

Where to download the Arris surfboard SB6141 PDF manual for free?

As one of the most common modems around the country, this little device found it’s way in to several homes around the globe, and it’s no wonder that people are actively searching for tips and tricks on how to handle some of the most common problems, or active some of the features which it holds. So, to have all of that in one place, Arris created a simple Arris SB6141 SURFboard DOCSIS PDF Manual, which can be downloaded from this link: