We’re all used to sharing our mobile phone data with other devices, especially in the past five years since the option of “creating a hot-spot” became so widely used, not only on iOS but also on Android. Although it’s quite a useful thing, it does end up draining your battery and, in long term, damage your device since you have to charge and recharge it several times a day, or just keep the phone on the charger while it continuously spends the battery and re-charges itself.

To combat this problem, some companies presented WI-Fi Routers which support SIM cards, which would end up in you having a device which is capable of running the internet of a 3G network from your sim card, over a platform which is as secure and as easy to configure as your regular home router. Sounds fun, right?

Well, although VISIONTEK 3G Wi-Fi Router 83GR was quite useful, not only in a home office environment, but also on vacation, it’s always good to know how to deal with the device once it starts giving you headaches, in which case a user manual can come in quite handy.

Where can I download the Visiontek 83GR PDF Manual

So, if you stumbled on a problem with your device, but don’t have the right papers with you, then the only way on how to troubleshoot it is through the Visiontek 83GR PDF Manual, and we got it for you. By following the link below, you can enter the manual directory from the Visiontek, and directly access the document. Here’s the link: http://sharedf.com/documentation/visiontek-83gr-user-manual-in-pdf/