Dyson is a UK based company that manufactures hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and heaters. A lot of fun facts surround the company and its founder. We will just mention that James Dyson claimed to have invented over a thousand prototypes before making the perfect one, branded DC01. If it is to judge based on that, we can say that Dyson offers an excellent quality in its range of products. DC07 is the first vacuum cleaner that has the Root Cyclone technology. It is similar to DC04 in many features, but several are added, such as the bottom drop bin; and a new engine which makes it the most powerful model made by Dyson, but it also makes it incredibly noisy. DC07 was also the first model sold in the USA and it is one of the most popular models that the company has manufactured. In the package you get the machine, handle and several tools.

The assembly is done easily, as you cannot really make a mistake regarding which part goes where. It has several switches that are used to protect the combined parts. Due to its many accessories, it can clean a variety of surfaces like stairs, floor, crevices etc. Clearing blockages however, is not covered by the guarantee. You can wash the filter with a usual sponge under water and let it dry before reusing it. That would be the most general information from the manual; and hopefully this is not your first vacuum cleaner so you will figure out what to do. If you don’t understand some of the functions, you should keep the manual and consult it whenever some issues arise.

In case you need the Dyson DC07 manual, you can download it through this link: http://sharedf.com/documentation/dyson-dc07-user-manual-in-pdf/