Conventional vacuum cleaners rely only on bags in order to trap dirt and dust. When using bagged machines, there might be a chance for the dust to clog the bag’s tiny holes. Some bag-less vacuum cleaners work in almost the same way; by using a central filter where all dirt and dust is trapped, which can also clog – the suction fades, leaving dust behind while you are cleaning your home. Root Cyclone is the Dyson’s patented technology which does not rely on bags to trap dirt and dust. One of the best vacuums that feature that technology is the Dyson DC24.

This vacuum spins the air very fast and unlike some other vacuum cleaners, the Dyson DC24 does not lose suction. This vacuum cleaner is among the lightest vacuum cleaners from Dyson for all types of floors; it weighs 11.6 lbs. It comes with a handle which compresses in order to store in tight places. The steering is easy, since this vacuum cleaner rides on a ball that allows you to steer around obstacles like household appliances and furniture. The reversible wand is ideal for cleaning places that are hard to reach. Some of the other features include: suction power of 115 AW; the cleaner’s head is a motorized brush bar; the bin capacity is 0.19 gallons; the dimensions are 29.6” x 11” x 13.7”; the maximum reach is 28.72 ft and the cord length is 20 ft.

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Dyson DC24 vacuum cleaner; it captures more dirt than any other cyclone technology, it is built to last long (it comes with five-year warranty), it traps allergens and it costs $399.99.

As for the Dyson DC24 PDF manual, you can download it under this link: