Most printer manuals are just about the same, and the differences go so far as the position of the cartridges, control panel and a couple of other things. So let’s cover those in a short HP OfficeJet J6450 manual that is just enough to get you started with your new device.

HP OfficeJet J6450 first time setup

First of all, you ought to remove the safety tape and the packaging material, which can be found under the upper section of the printer (the line running under the control panel). You then attach the face-plate of the control panel onto it and install the duplexer and that is fitted behind this all-in-one printer (it can print, copy, scan and send/receive faxes). Afterwards you connect the device to the power supply and to your telephone line and turn it on. Then you press play on the control panel and follow the on screen instructions. After you have done all that, you lift up the printer and install the cartridges. Of course, remember to remove the security tape form them or else they will not work. Once that is done, lift the output tray, load the paper and adjust the paper guides. Following that, you should align the cartridges to improve the quality of prints, but only after you have installed the PC software from the accompanying DVD.

Where can I download the full HP OfficeJet J6450 PDF manual as a free download?

In case the above installation instructions didn’t help out, or you’re having a different issue with the device, then we can point you in to the right direction where you can find the full HP OfficeJet J6450 manual in PDF, and it’s under this link: