The Officejet J6480 is the latest addition of the large Hewlett-Packard all-in-one printer family, and it has the tendency to become one of the most popular members of this extended family. It was designed to appeal to the owners of the small or midsized businesses that are interested in low-cost and feature-rich all-in-one solution device, capable of delivering excellent performances in short period of time. This 240 dollars multifunctional scanner plus photocopier plus printer delivers you what was promised: One touch faxing, optical charger recognition technology scanner, autoduplexing photo finish, auto-document feeder and built-in wireless network operating system. Usually, when you but a two hundred and something dollars printer you won’t get most of these features without printer quality sacrifice or hardware finish shortcomings. A

lthough the photo printer may work on a slower pace, the HP Officejet J6480 must be one of the best budget-priced all-in-one printers of all time.  The printer is relatively large, heavy and robust, so you will have to make enough room for it on your office desk. The fact that the paper tray cannot fold into the body of the printer is one minus, but for 240 dollars you can live with that. The small touch screen will enable you an easy and quick access to your working preferences.

Where to download the HP Officejet J6480 PDF Manual for free?

The HP Officejet j6480 all-in-one manual can be downloaded through the ShareDF directory under this link:  where it can be viewed on a phone or internet browser.