I am a self-employed owner of a small flower shop, so you must be aware of the load of paperwork I have to deal with on a daily basis. My office desk is stacked with papers, phones, rose petals and delivery flower boxes. 6 years ago, I needed an all-in-one office solution, because there was no way of buying a printer, a scanner and a fax machine separately. The salesman in the HP store recommended purchasing the HP Officejet V40, so I decided to trust him and bought this compacted, 420 dollars all-in-one device.

I believe it is enough to say that it is like I am having a personal assistant. The scan is capable of scanning a document in under 1 minute, and in my line of work, time is of the essence. The printed documents are with clear, vivid colors and so are the faxed paper documents. It can print 100 documents with a single cartridge, something that it is not possible for the newer models of all-in-one office solution devices. The only downside of this device is its loud printing and faxing noise.

If you’re searching for the HP Officejet V40 PDF Manual, it can be downloaded through this directory, free of charge and without registration: http://sharedf.com/documentation/hp-officejet-v40-user-manual-in-pdf/