Although it is hard to get too excited about an appliance gadget as a washer, the Kenmore 80 series washer will certainly surprise you, because not only does it do the job well, but it also performs on a high level for many years to come.

To sum it up, although Kenmore produces a wide variety of home appliances, the products from the 80-series are one of the current leaders within washers, not only because of the advanced functions, but also because of the functional and easy to read 80 series user manual which they provide with the machine.

As this is a washer of large capacity, you can simply throw everything in it at once and get the work done with only one wash, which will save you a lot on the energy bills. The Kenmore washer may not feature a fancy cool color to look at, but you are hardly looking for that in a washer because you just want it to get the job done perfectly.Your clothes will come out clean even if you choose the cold water washing option. You can even wash your kitchen and bathroom rugs without any problems.

The heavy duty setting will get rid of grease and grass stains easily; and you can do shorter and longer cycles depending on your needs. You can also choose settings for your delicate items. Simply put, a Kenmore 80 series washer will not let you down so easy.

You can download the Kenmore 80 series washer manual under this link, no registration needed: