Samsung is one of the largest companies in the world. Actually, it’s three companies in one, and while smartphones are probably the most recognizable electronic product, believe it or not, they make cash registers as well, and this is where we come to the today’s topic, the SAM4s ER-650 Cash Register.

The ER-650 is very flexible electronic register which will serve you reliably for years. It is used all over the world, in many restaurants and shops because of its reliability and fast transaction speeds. Number of features is also great for such an inexpensive and entry-level device. First of all, you have large screen on which you can easily view all your operations and transaction info. It is important to see all the information clearly, since making mistakes can cost you money. The keyboard is fully programmable so it can fit your needs. The only difference between ER-650 and ER-650R is the number of keys, where ER-650 has 98 keys and ER-650R 64.

Where can I download the SAM4s ER-650 PDF Manual?

Both documents, the SAM4s ER-650 PDF Manual and the SAM4s ER-650R PDF Manual, can be downloaded through this link: