Drum units, similar to cartridges, have their own life spawn, which is usually around 12,000 pages. Once that limit is reached, your MFC 7460dn will signal “Drum Unit Empty”, and when that’s the case, you need to order a new one to continue using the device. In case the above number of pages seems low to you, believe us, they usually last for a few years in a normal environment.

Where can I buy an affordable Brother MFC 7460dn drum unit?

Brother MFC 7460dn drum unitAs mentioned above, once your drum meets the end of the line, you need to buy a new one. In your case, with the MFC-7460DN, you need to go with the Brother DR-420 drum unit, or also called BRDR420. The exact model is available with a 24h shipping method directly from Amazon, through the Brother store, and the device will cost you a bit under $80. To order it, just visit their store under this link: Brother DR-420 drum unit. Once you get the Brother MFC 7460dn drum unit in front of you, you need to figure out how to replace the old one for the newer one, to do that, just follow these steps:

How to replace the DR-420 Drum Unit?

  1. Turn on your MFC-7460DN and open the front cover of the device.
  2. Remove the old drum unit from the device, together with the toner cartridge in it.
  3. There is a green lock lever, push it to release the toner from the drum assembly.
  4. Unbox your new Brother MFC-7460DN drum unit
  5. Take the old toner from the old drum assembly and slide it in to the new drum unit until you hear a click.
  6. Install the complete unit back in to your device, same position where you found it.
  7. Close up the front cover, done.