If you didn’t already go through our tutorial on how to buy the right projector lamp, we definitely recommend in doing so. The tutorial will not only explain you the main difference between currently available lamp technologies, but also leave you with a few tips and tricks on how to buy the right bulbs. In case you’re a senior within the projector world, you can just ignore it and continue with our recommendation below:

Where can I find an affordable lamp to replace the one within my Epson ELPLP41

The ELPLP41 / V13H010L41 Replacement Lamp can be found on several places around the internet, ranging from Alibaba, to Ebay and international web shops, but the most secure place which we found is the official Epson store on Amazon. Not only do they hold the genuine V13H010L41 Replacement Lamps, they also have quite affordable prices on them. Expect to pay from $40 to $50 for them, but do check their official V13H010L41 listing for the current price.