New users can often struggle with this topic, so we wrote a nice tutorial on how to buy the right projector lamp, for all of you who are just starting out within this business. In the article you can go through most of the details which you will need for your first time purchase, as for everyone else, the store and model recommendation is below:

Where can I find an affordable lamp to replace the one within my Epson ELPLP42

When buying the right V13H010L42 replacement lamp, you really have to watch out. The worst thing you could do is find a used or refurbished lamp, and think that with that lower price you could get another few years out of your projector, but we honestly don’t recommend that. The best thing you could do for your projector is to buy a new and genuine ELPLP42 / V13H010L42 replacement lamp, that way you can be sure that you’re going to have at least another five years of usage out of your projector. The model which we found is located on Amazon, and is currently available for a bit less then $50, you can check it under this link: V13H010L42 replacement lamp