The replacement parts game can represent quite a challenge if you’re new in it. Most people just take the screwdriver and jump right in to it, but you could risk damaging your device, and believe me, the manufacturer doesn’t want that, I don’t want that, and I’m definitely assured that you also don’t want that to happen. So, do check out our article on how to buy the right projector lamp, and once you’re comfortable with the topic, and are assured that the ELPLP63 is the right choice for you, you can continue to our buying guide below:

Where can I find an affordable lamp to replace the one within my Epson ELPLP63

When it comes to the ELPLP63 Lamp Replacement, which is also going under the name V13H010L63 Replacement Lamp, expect to pay around $50 for the genuine model. Yes, you will find some better deals with refurbished units, but don’t go for them. Buying refurbished lamps can only mean trouble. When it comes to the store recommendation, we would go with the official Epson Amazon shop, which features your model and has Amazon Prime shipping, which means that the device is within 24h at your door step. You can find it under this link: ELPLP63 / V13H010L63 Replacement Lamp