When fixing your device, regardless if it’s a projector or a dishwasher, it’s always smart to check out some tutorials or how-to’s, not because I’m saying that you don’t know how to pick the right projector lamp, nah, we’re going to cover the exact model which you need below this paragraph, but it’s always worth to check out how others fixed the same problem which you’re currently facing, just to brush up your memory and check out the current trends within the industry. With that said, I would recommend our own tutorial on how to buy the right projector lamp, but if you’re already familiar with the topic then you can just continue to the recommendation below:

Where can I find an affordable lamp to replace the one within my Epson ELPLP67

In regards to the question on what to buy, in your case, you should go with the obvious model under the name ELPLP67 Replacement Lamp, but also be ready to see the full name of the device, which is V13H010L67 Replacement Lamp. Expect to pay up to $60 for the brand names, and a few dollars less with third parties. But don’t worry, we already found the exact model which you need, you can check out the list here:  ELPLP67/V13H010L67 Replacement Projector Lamp for Epson Projector