Today we’re going to cover the type of ink cartridge which is compatible with your Epson Expression Home XP-330 Small-in-One All-in-One Printer, not only including the exact cartridge names, but also recommendations on where to buy them. Let’s start:

Where can I find Affordable Epson XP-330 ink cartridges?

Epson XP 330 ink cartridgesYour device is compatible with one type of ink, and that ink only, which is the T288 series of ink cartridges. Under that name you can find 4 different models, the first one is the Black ink under the name T288120, after that Cyan under T288220, then Magenta under T288320 and, finally, the Yellow one under the name T288420.  All four inks come in standard packages, XL packages and XXL packages, each of them offering double the amount of ink then the previous type. If you read our “how to print without ink” tutorial, you probably already know that the best option is to buy a 4-pack and completely refresh your device. In that case, the cheapest and most easiest solution is to just visit Epson’s store on Amazon, and buy the 4-pack for less then $50.

It can be found under this link: Epson T288XL-BCS High Capacity Ink Cartridges, C/M/Y/K 4-Pack . And if you encounter any problems with the installation, just send us a message on our Facebook channel: