Buying your first lamp replacement can be a bit challenging. Several brands, manufacturers and different bulbs – as a newbie within the industry, you could easily buy the wrong thing. So, if you didn’t already go through our tutorial on how to buy the right projector lamp, we definitely recommend in doing so. In case you know what you’re doing, feel free to continue below to our Hitachi DT01021 lamp replacement recommendation:

Projector Lamp DT01021 for HITACHI CP-X2010, X2510, X2010N

When it comes to replacing the lamp in your Hitachi CP-X series of projectors, you should always go with the genuine parts. The price difference between genuine, non-genuine and refurbished is not that huge to actually experiment around, and risk damaging your device. Basically, expect to pay around $50 or a bit less, depending on the State you’re in and the time of the year. To conclude the article, the right projector lamp for the DT01021 can be bought on Amazon, under this link: Replacement Lamp for Hitachi DT01021