Personal labeling systems are not really widespread across the households, but they can prove useful around the house, especially if you love to work in your garage, home shop, or if you’re neat person who gives attention to the organization structure of items around your house. If that’s the case, then you’re probably familiar with the Brother PT-65, a label printer well known for printing, but not laminating labels, which means they are perfect for people who don’t want to pay extra price for durable labels.

The compact design ensures usability in most situations and environments, including kitchen, storage rooms, offices, etc. This devices operates on 6 “AA” batteries which are not included, but you get one starter tape. Printing on labels is done via high-quality thermal print-head which can print up to nine styles and five sizes, including text underlining and framing as formatting options.

The keyboard will allow you to input 83 different symbols in max two lines, while the LCD screen can show up to 8 characters. Being the cheaper, lower-range model, you still get enough features for household use, so there’s no need to buy more expensive models, at least in our opinion.

In case you need the Brother PT-65 PDF Manual, you can download it through ShareDF, a unique platform which offers user manual downloads free of charge: