As the standard within the industry of IP phones, Cisco put a lot of effort in to their phone line, not only in the Cisco IP Phone 7965 series, but also generally speaking. Even in the today’s world, where skype and other VoIP services dictate the market, Cisco still holds their position as one of the main choices for large corporations, call centers and customer support services. The only issue which is still active is the whole troubleshooting process behind the devices, because, at the end of the day, they are still just that – phones. And the technology which makes them great can also make the admin’s day worse. Luckily, the process of solving issues is simplified as much as possible, and the user manual can solve most of the issues.

Where can I download the Cisco IP Phone 7965 PDF Manual?

When it comes to manuals, it’s a tricky thing to go and look for them around Google. Several websites poped up lately which are offering the manual, but in return want you to sign up for a membership with some sketchy websites. Luckily, there are still websites where you can download the Cisco IP Phone 7965 PDF Manual for free, with ShareDF being one of them. Here’s the right link: