Last week, Bloomberg (financial/tech/media company) reported that Chinese Spies have infiltrated 30 US companies by working closely with the Chinese motherboard manufacturer Microchips.

They claimed that subcontractors in China had placed a chip the size of a grain of rice, dating back to 2015, in the motherboards, that could have been used to spy on Americans for nearly 4 years. What’s so outrageous about this is that this kind of technology is so unheard of it’s as probable of seeing a “unicorn jump over a rainbow”. This would be the greatest attack on US American companies in history.

However, Apple and Amazon both issued strong denials for the claims. They stated that not only they have never found anything, but also have never been contacted by the FBI or any other government agency. They claimed that in the months prior to the release of the article they did a very intensive internal investigation into every claim the article made and found nothing to support it.

The article doesn’t really explain much as far as tech jargon or provide clear pictures, the only picture available is the one with a finger holding a microchip, which, in the end, is difficult to tell if it’s digitally engineered or an actual picture. Also, no one has actually proven that these chips exist. Apple is unrelenting in fighting off this bad press as is Amazon as they continue to issue statements calling this a farce.

The Department of Homeland Security has backed them up saying that they haven’t found anything either.

So who’s right? On one hand it’s very believable that something like this would happen but also without proof it’s difficult to say which side is truth. Personally I don’t know what’s worse: media companies being allowed to publish unfounded truths as “investigations” or something far more sinister as a Chinese attack. What do you think?