As one of the most recognized brands within the appliance industry, Kenmore has a long track record of offering devices which do not only provide their owner with high performance through the day to day use, but the replacement parts are also easy to acquire and exchange. And since we’re going to cover the manual for the 106 series, including all of the sub-models like 1065929999410674254400, 10670162990 and 10659592990, note that they are not that different from the rest of the line-up.

As of now, this model has been one of the most popular Kenmore refrigerators in the past 17 years, which further proves the fact that the model 106 is a versatile and high quality machine. Now, as an owner of a Kenmore refrigerator you’re probably used to having your device work without any flaws, and in case an error does occur, we would like to help you out. To troubleshoot the Kenmore Coldspot Model 106, you will first need to acquire the user manual of the device, so let’s jump straight in to it and explain you where to get it:

Where to download the Kenmore Coldspot Model 106 PDF Manual?

The internet was always a weird place, and although that word was reserved for some specific sites like Imgur and Reddit, lately we’re seeing a lot of websites connected to PDF manuals. So much spam and meaningless content around the manual industry that the simple task of finding the right Kenmore Coldspot Model 106 Manual can be quite a challenge. Luckily, we’re here to help you out. We went through all of those fishy links and found one reliable, where the instructions manual is available as a free download and in a PDF format, without any registration needed, with just one simple button. Here’s the right link: