Once Leoxsys started out, it was just a small company within Kolkata, India, but with several products they soon ended up as one of the players on the worldwide market when it comes to the broadband and USB wireless adapter devices. Although they are still managed as a private company, they are probably just a few years away from their IPO and joining in with the big players, like Netgear, Linksys and others. With their products they are currently targeting the business and home user, who needs an affordable device which covers all the current technology, packed in to a small and well designed box.

Where can I download the LEO-150N-3G-RT PDF Manual

In case you lost the LEO-150N-3G-RT User Manual, a digital version of it can be found on ShareDF, free of charge and with no membership fees, just be sure to save it and remember where you stored it. Here’s the download link: http://sharedf.com/documentation/leo-300n-3g-rt-user-manual-in-pdf/