Unfortunately I got out of the HTPC game a few years ago, sorry guys! But as a former enthusiasts, remembering the good old days of custom builds and systems, I still get a small dopamine boost once I see a familiar piece of hardware – and the K400 is definitely it.

Back in the days if you wanted to get a small, portable and wireless keyboard, you just couldn’t miss with Logitech and their Wireless Touch K400 Keyboard. The small K400 was perfect, not only by size, but also with features. It was like a keyboard of a 12″ laptop, equipped with a touch-pad and featuring the well known “Logitech build quality” – with a battery that lasted forever.

Although there were several updates of the initial model, it’s still the good ol’ K400, with the reliable keys and the Logitech Driver Suite – the only issue is that, as most keyboards, sometimes it has a mind of its own, and a user manual is needed. No worries though, we got you covered.

Where can I download the Logitech K400 PDF Manual free of charge?

I don’t remember storing any of my user manuals in the past, most of them would end up in the rubbish. At one point I asked myself why don’t I just create a drop box folder in which I’ll download each and every user manual in PDF which I need, and so came the idea of creating my ultimate folder. I would recommend you the same, and you could start off with the Logitech K400 PDF Manual first.

So, once you download it, just store it within a shared folder with all your other devices, just for future use. In the meantime, here’s your direct link, the file has a bit less then 3mb: http://sharedf.com/documentation/logitech-k400-user-manual/