Many people still have these rather outdated routers in their homes. ISP (Internet Service Provider) often gave them away with one of their plans, which is nice since you don’t need to spend more money on buying the actual router/modem, but it also usually means you’re stuck with basic, entry-level models.

However, such device will satisfy average home users and advanced users will simply have to upgrade for themselves, which is most often the case. Main problem with the Netgear WG602 is that it was released before the 802.11g standard. Luckily, firmware updates are available and will grant you better specs, as they upgrade and enhance your device to newer standards, including better security, stronger encryption, and similar things that were not available prior to 802.11g. However, even the upgrade won’t grant you the wireless bridging capability, which is probably the main downside of this router.

To download the Netgear WG602 PDF Manual you can go to the site ShareDF, which offers the updated versions of almost all documents available for your product: