The Netgear WPN824 PDF Manual is something all owners are looking for, if they’re still using this rather “ancient” router. Although this router is almost ten years old, back at the time it offered some cutting edge technology and was probably one of the best devices on the market when it comes to high-speeds. Main feature was so called MIMO technology that was different than other stuff on the market. Because this router actually had new technology that integrated more antennas, hiding them inside the body of the device, it offered much better speeds than competition. Because of this, it was also more compact, sleek and yet powerful. With all the cutting edge technology, it was obviously more expensive, which didn’t really matter.

Power users and people who were willing to cash out few extra dollars chose this model over the others. Netgear did really god job when it comes to ease of setup, and wpn824 is not any different. Setup is simple and will take you few minutes even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Setup wizard is doing most of the job and automatically fires up once you insert the setup CD.

To download the Netgear WPN824 PDF Manual, you just have to go directly to ShareDF, a manual directory site which offers all the needed documents, free of charge: