The Panasonic CF 51 forms part of the Toughbook series of rugged and on-the-go laptop computers. The CF 51 includes a variety of built in features, including a fingerprint reader, Bluetooth 2.0 capability, SmartCard reader, and a long list of interface ports (mouse, keyboard, audio, video, etc). But, the key quality of the Toughbook laptops is the high security and durability options. A CF 51 has the potential to survive a fall of 2.5-feet onto a solid surface without experiencing damage. This laptop is built with a powerful T2500 Intel Core Duo processor to offer fast and efficient performance. The screen size is 15-inch, with the LCD display offering a resolution of 1200 by 1600. This laptop has the potential to run for up to 6 hours using the internal lithium ion battery pack. Also, it has the ability to operate on a standard AC adapter.

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