The XE-A203 can be used in both medium and large stores thanks to the option to save up to 25 clerks and 99 departments. Connecting it to the computer is also easy and can be done via included USB cable, and if you want, you can even add logos or graphics to your recipe. Printing is done with high-speed thermal printer which is also fast and quiet. For easier operation, you have 2 large LED screens – one for the customer and one for you.

The Sharp cash register XE-A203 manual can give you some important information about your machine, like initializing, installing batteries, installing a paper role, programming, language selection, setting up date and time, text programming and how to access advanced functions. All of this is important to read first, because cash registers can be complex machines and you don’t want to lose yourself and do something wrong. You can download the manual under this link: