TheVerifone VX570 PDF Manual is useful to all users who own this great countertop terminal. In this modern age, it’s unimaginable to conduct any kind kind of retail or service without owning some kind of countertop solution and payment processing device.

The VX570 combines speed and performance, something that is vital for all store owners. On top of that, you have support for EMV smart card transactions, which is very important these days, as more and more people own smart cards for contactless payments. Additionally, connection can also be established via Ethernet and dial communication, while switching can be done any time, without added cost. One of the biggest advantages of this device is a familiar design, with clean, ATM-style interface and intuitive menu, which means your staff can easily learn how to use it without additional cost. In case you’re expanding, thanks to increased memory, you can easily install add-on applications which can add new features, strengthen relationships and more.

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