The sewing and quilting machines from Brother have been enjoying quite a hype in the past few years. Not only are their machines voted as the number one recommended sewing machine in 2017., they also won the Women’s Choice Award of 2018. With that said, it’s obvious that Brother invested a lot of effort in to engineering, manufacturing and marketing their sewing machines, so their success doesn’t come as a surprise to us. What does though, is the age group which is using these machines.

Last night we got an e-mail from one of our readers, a 14 year old Sara from NYC, who told us that she’s having some issues with her Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine and asked us if we could provide her with more details in regards to the bobbin size, together with a user manual in PDF format. So, in this case our little Sara is a good example of how Brother Sewing Machines are training our future generation of dressmakers and seamstresses, which is welcomed from our side.

Where to download the Brother Sewing Machine CS6000i User Manual?

Brother CS6000i User Manual in PDFIf you’re new to the industry and if this is your first sewing machine from Brother, then the user manual is essential for understanding the machine, not only in terms of function, but also when it comes to troubleshooting. Information like needle size, bobbin size, how to thread it and other useful things can only be found within the document.

If you bought a new machine, then the paper version of the Brother CS6000i Manual should come with the device, inside the box. In case you bought a used one, then the only option which you have is to download a digital version of the Brother CS6000i User Manual in PDF.

To make things even easier, we located the right file for you, over at ShareDF, which you can download from this link: