Just a few days ago we mentioned the T7500 Workstation, the older brother of the T3500 on which we’ll be focusing on today. In it’s core, the T3500 Precision Workstation was a similarly strong machine, with just a few downsides.

Based on the Intel X58 Express Chipset, it also featured Quad Core Xeon processors which could have been paired with NVIDIA Quadro Graphics cards and ECC memory (which could be fitted with up to 24 GB of RAM and several Hard Disks of whichever size you preferred at that point). As of that time, it was one of the strongest budget machines available for professionals and to this day it’s still standing strong.

Where can I download the Dell T3500 PDF Manual?

Most of us throw away the user manual, especially when it comes to older devices like the T3500. The same situation wouldn’t be a problem if the internet would be a safe place for downloading files- which is not. Lately we saw an uprising in spam and membership based websites which offer a range of manuals, but who wants to pass 10 blocks of ads and one registration form for a simple 3mb file, right?

So, this is why we sat down, Googled a bit and found the right Dell T3500 PDF Manual for you – ad and membership free: http://sharedf.com/documentation/dell-t3500-user-manual/