One of our readers told us that he has been searching for the GE 326B1230P001 PDF Manual for quite some time now, but he couldn’t find the right file. After our own research we figured out the problem – he was searching with the ID number of the device, not the model number.

So, if you also didn’t have any luck in your search of the above mentioned user manual, the reason is not because it doesn’t exist, but rather because you’re searching with the wrong numbers. To get the right documentation, you always need to search with the model number, which can be found within the device on the right side, just next to the door hinges.

Luckily I own one, and just a quick look revealed that the true name of the 326B1230P001 is a JKP15 with two variations currently available on the market. While mine is a JKP15BABB, which offers a self cleaning program, there is also a JKP15BDBB model which lacks that feature. Regardless which device you’re owning, the documentation is fairly similar and it doesn’t matter which user manual you have, as long as it’s covering the JKP15 series.

Where can I download the GE 326B1230P001 user manual?

So, to download the right file, just go over to ShareDF, they are currently hosting three different documents – the User Manual, Care Instructions and the Quick Specs, get it under this link: