One of our readers messaged us in regards to the White Rodgers Thermostat Manual, he had some trouble in finding the right version of it, since he didn’t know which exact model of the device he owned. So, to clear things up, we decided to cover the answer within this article.

When it comes to your White Rodgers Thermostat, there are currently six different models trending on the search engines, the first one being the White Rodgers 1f80-51 Thermostat, the second is the 1F87-361 Thermostat, 1f87-51 being the third model with the 1F80-361 coming just after him, and the 1F86-344 and 1f80-24 Thermostats in the lower positions.

How to download the White and Rodgers Thermostat Manual and troubleshoot the device?

Since all six models share the same brand and generation, they are also having the same troubleshooting process, but the same information has no worth to you if you’re not having access to their user manuals. Thus, we found a website which is hosting several White and Rodgers Thermostat Manuals, including the ones mentioned above.

So, to access the file which you need, just pick the right model name from their list of downloads and either view it on your mobile phone or download it to your computer, whichever fits you best in this case. Here’s the link: