After the huge success of their phone line-up, Avaya decided to spice things up a bit and added the 9508 Digital Deskphone to its portfolio of office phones. It took them less then a year to again dominate the market of office phones, not only within the small business sector, but also within various call centers and larger corporations.

The device was known as the best buy option for several years, not only because of the updated features, headset support, the G711 coded and the secondary line alerting, but also because of the white backlit 181×121 dots display, which could offer up to 8 rows and 32 characters per row – something quite new within the industry at that time.

Unfortunately, as with most of their phones, the sole device is useless if you don’t have the user manual with you, but this is where we come in to the picture.

Where to download the Avaya 9508 Digital Desktop PDF Manual?

In case you lost your original Avaya 9508 Digital Deskphone User Manual, a digital version of it in PDF can be downloaded through ShareDF, a file directory which hosts over 5000 pdf manuals. The best thing is that the site is operated on a donation basis, so you can download the file for free without membership access: