Avaya phones have been with us for several decades, not only serving the smaller businesses around USA, but also multi-national corporations around the world. One of their most popular devices is certainly the Avaya Partner 18D, which is well known for its versatility, software and connectivity features.

Through the years several customers reported that they have been using this exact model for almost 15 years, and in case it broke, they just replaced it with the same device, which is still to this day available through Amazon for less then $80.

The phone was well known for its features, where it held 22 programmable buttons for 16 outside lines, special options like Do Not Disturb, Auto Dial Number, Hold, Drop, Conference, Transfer and Intercom buttons paired with a built-in speakerphone and microphone for hands-free calling. In regards to connectivity, the device has an auxiliary port, which could be easily connected to a fax or answering machine.

But, as with most of the Avaya products, these features are buried deep down within the badly designed UI, and to actually make use of the device properly, you will need an Avaya Partner 18D User Manual before you even start pushing the buttons.

Where to download the Avaya Partner 18D PDF Manual?

The Avaya Partner 18D user manual can be found over at ShareDF, a PDF file directory which hosts over 5000 files and offers them not only free of charge, but also without the need to register an account. To get your file, just follow the link: http://sharedf.com/documentation/avaya-partner-18d-user-manual/