Craftsman – a brand that has been with us for almost a century, has certainly made its mark within the industry of power tools. Founded back in 1927. as a trademark under the Sears Holding company, Craftsman has been initially focusing on farmers and power tools, just to later on expand the business to hand tools, lawn equipment, garden equipment and work wear. But, there was a twist – most of their competitors had just a few product line-ups, while Craftsman presented the “good, better, best” pricing structure, which later on became a standard within the industry. In their case, the original “Craftsman” name was used for the middle tier brand, while the lower tear used the name “Sears”, and the highest one “Craftsman Industrial”.

Just a few years ago, in January of 2017., the trademark was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker for $900 million, with an up-front payment of around $500 million. Although the owner’s changed, the products can still be found in Sears and Kmart stores.

The company was quite successful in selling industrial equipment, but one regular product made its mark through the years; the Craftsman 179675 series of wet/dry vacuum cleaners – a 3.5 HP motor powered vacuum cleaner which was not only capable of handling dry vacuuming, but was also versatile in wet situations. Most of the users rated it a 4 out of 5 stars, which made it quite popular for smaller businesses and households. There were several variations of it, ranging from the Craftsman model 113179675, Craftsman 9-17761 16 Gallon, Craftsman 17765 and the Craftsman 113.179675 – with most of them having similar replacement parts and almost the same Craftsman user manual.

Where can I download the Craftsman 179675 wet/dry vacuum cleaner user manual?

Some of our readers reported that they had some issues with their Craftsman wet/dry vacuum cleaner, especially smaller businesses which had problems with hose and attachment management, together with replacement parts. Luckily, Craftsman made a detailed Craftsman 179675 Vacuum User Manual, which can be downloaded in PDF format. We found the right document for you, which can be viewed either on your mobile or your desktop PC from this link: