Hobart has made quite a name for themselves within the service industry, especially with their flight type dishwasher units. If you’re a barista or a dishwasher, you’re probably familiar with the name, since most of the Starbucks locations in the US have them – on top of that, even if you go through a professional Barista Training course, you’ll likely have a segment which covers “working on the Hobart FTNi“.

Now, although their devices replace the 3-sink method and act as a full fledged dish-washing unit, some of our readers thought that they are just sanitizers – which is not true. But, if you’re having further doubts, the best thing would be to just go through the Hobart Flight Type Dishwasher User Manual.

Where can I download the Hobart Flight Type Dishwasher User Manual?

Usually you would need to be a Hobart customer to access the database which holds all of their user manual, but we managed to find two models over at ShareDF.com. The first one is the Hobart FTNi Flight-Type Dishwasher User Manual and the second one is the Hobart FTNi flight-type Protronic XL User Manual. So, whichever of those two you need, you can find them under this link: http://sharedf.com/documentation/hobart-flight-type-dishwasher-manuals/