The Kenmore refrigerator model 253 was released in the start of the year 2000. Over the course of the decade slight variants were produced for the model. It normally came with a single door styled refrigerator which was considered for usage in homes. Although, several other variants included slide through doors as well. The reception of the model in the market was mostly positive. However, the cooling aspect was seen as a bit deficient in humid temperatures.

The size of Kenmore refrigerator model 253 ranges between 16.73 & 18 Cubic Feet which is considered quite spacious. Easy for home use, this certainly is one of the classic models out there. With an adjusted energy rating of 569.4 the Kenmore refrigerator model 253 is seen as a compact and a powerful refrigerator. This model also comes with a full one year warranty.

Where can I download the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 253 PDF Manual?

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