The Kenmore Refrigerator Model 363 comes with slight variants that were released in the 1990’s. It is generally considered as refrigerator that has proven to stand the test of times. It comes as a top freezer and has side by side w/Ice thru door. The defrosting state is automatic and has proven to be reliable in terms of keeping the products inside cool.

It comes with an automatic ice maker but this is where the most complaints of Kenmore model 363 were made. It was seen that within a few months of usage the ice maker did not work. However, it did come with a warranty of one year. The adjusted energy rating of the Kenmore 363 model was 1224.6 which places the product at a place where it can be said that is effective in maintaining performance over long periods of time. The market reception was overall good.

Where can I download the Kenmore Refrigerator Model 363 PDF Manual?

We know how it is, you need to go through several websites to actually find the right Kenmore Refrigerator Model 363 PDF Manual, but worry not, we found the right site which has the user manual in PDF, available for an immediate download, without any additional links or requests. Here it is: