Logitech has been dominating the market of wireless keyboards for quite some time now, and while most of their keyboards are focused on prosumers, with prices well over $100, some of them are still within the acceptable price range for those of us who are just looking for a cool looking keyboard with great features. One of the devices which fit that description is definitely the Logitech K360 Wireless USB Desktop Keyboard, one of the few devices on the market which offer up to 3 years of battery life, several programmable hotkeys, a special feature that encrypts your keystrokes and a no-lag connection.

Now, although the device is quite easy to use and to set-up, for some special features you will certainly need the Logitech K360 Manual, and this is where we come in to the story.

Where can I download the Logitech K360 PDF Manual free of charge?

The Logitech K360 User Manual in PDF can be downloaded through ShareDF, a file directory which is hosting over 5000 PDF manuals, with yours being one of them. The best thing is that they are donation based, so no registration is needed and the files can be downloaded for free. Here’s the link: http://sharedf.com/documentation/logitech-k360-user-manual/