By combining a 802.11g Wireless Router and an ADSL model, the D-LINK DSL-g604t has been bringing us high-speed wireless internet connections at our office or home for several years now. The device was particularly popular with gamers, not only because of the easy to use configuration tool and the web-based UI, but because the router also supported dynamic and static IP address configuration, together with the (back then not so popular feature) Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet option. 

In other words, our DSL-G604T Wireless ADSL Router Modem was one of the grandfathers of today’s modems, where you could connect one high speed broadband line and share it with up to four different computers over Wi-Fi or another four over the LAN ports. On top of that, the whole setup could be finished within a configuration tool which was easy to use, and the device came with a simple user manual which was easy to follow.

Where to download the D-LINK DSL-g604t Manual in PDF format?

In order to configure the device properly you will need the D-LINK DSL-G604T User Manual, especially if this is your first time configuring such a device. To download it, we found a reliable website which offers most of the user manuals in PDF, and in return doesn’t bother you with membership fees or locked content – ShareDF. To download it, just go over to this link: