Oh, no. A whole nasty mess of snow fell last night. Our driveway is inaccessible, our lawn looks like a still from Snow White and the Huntsman, and even our porch has taken some damage. What do we do?

Well, let’s hope you have a nifty Craftsman device in your garage. We all know about leaf blowers: hand-held reverse vacuums that people use to terrorize their neighbors. You might have even seen a snow blower of a similar variety and figured: I know how to work one of these things!

But the Craftsman 247889571 24″ 179cc Dual-Stage Snow Blower is a different kind of beast. One look at this thing will tell you that “compact” isn’t what Craftsman was going for with this model. It’s veritably huge, and you’ll probably need to clear up your garage in order to find room for it.

That’s gonna be worth it when that nasty snow we mentioned falls, though. The 179cc is a powerful engine able to take care of the aftermath of even the nastiest blizzard. It might not win any design awards, but this machine is all you’ll need to clear your home’s surrounding area of snow season after season. Well, that and the Craftsman 247889571 manual.

Where can I download the Craftsman 247889571 24″ 179cc Dual-Stage Snow Blower User Manual?

As you might imagine, a snow blower of this size has plenty of parts, and more parts means more things to break. With our Craftsman 247889571 user manual, you’ll learn how to maintain this all-important accessory and even grab some repairing know-how. Get it before the next snow hits: http://sharedf.com/documentation/craftsman-247889571-owners-user-manual/