During our scary movie marathon for Halloween 2018, one scene stood out to us in particular. It’s the one where Ghostface pins Rose McGowan to the floor with a garage door and goes to town on her. We hated it, not just because we like Rose, but also because the home owners didn’t have the foresight to install a garage controller from Craftsman with a sensor to prevent accidental pins.

In fairness, the movie is from 1996, and garage door controllers weren’t all that advanced back then. The Craftsman 315 Series would have probably seemed futuristic, especially since the kids in the movie don’t seem especially bright. Yet we can’t shake off this nasty feeling: if only Rose had the 139.53753 or the 39.53939D garage door controller in her pocket, she would have made it fine.

No use crying over spilt milk, we suppose. Better to focus on the here and now, and right now, the 315 Series controllers rank among the most reliable garage openers on the market. Some will critique these devices and insist that smartphone-controlled doors are better and more convenient, but we disagree: there’s no replacement for the classic door remote. And, as the Craftsman 315 Series Garage Door Opener manual will tell you, the technology behind it is far from obsolete.

Where can I download the Craftsman 315 Series Garage Door Opener User Manual?

Like with all standalone controllers, pressing one of the 315’s two buttons is easy. It’s getting the controller to interact with your garage door as it should that’s tricky. The Craftsman 315 Series user manual will tell you how to connect the receiver properly, detail the maximum effective range and help you keep Ghostface at bay: http://sharedf.com/documentation/craftsman-315-owners-user-manual/