Lazy. Isn’t that the first thing people think of when they see a riding lawn mower? Walk-behinders already represent a greatly reduced effort compared to the gardening of old. Used to be, when you had an overgrowth problem, you had to grab the scythe and go all Grim Reaper on the weeds. Now? Just pull the cord and the grass will be gone in no time.

Of course, experienced gardeners know that riding lawn mowers are irreplaceable when it comes to certain chores, and are a must-have for some garden regardless of whether we’re talking a Craftsman model or something else. To us, the Craftsman LT2000 Riding Mower is all you can ask for in a riding lawnmower. Craftsman made sure to pack it with a couple of extra features to satisfy the needier lawn owners, along with equipping it with a reliable engine that will last through many seasons.

Our only beef is the appearance. Where are all the colors? These things usually come red or orange, and your garden is (hopefully) green, so we aren’t sure why the company went for such a dull look.

Other than that, there aren’t really that many drawbacks to the LT2000, besides the somewhat-higher price. Being more expensive than other models in the category, it makes even less sense to risk breaking this mower by using it before you’ve read the Craftsman LT2000 Riding Mower manual.

Where can I download the Craftsman LT2000 Riding Mower User Manual?

Upon buying a riding lawn mower, most people get the idea that all other gardening equipment can be tucked away permanently. Probably cause it’s so big compared to the puny old walk-behind. In truth, you’ll still need all the equipment you used before, as every gardening chore has the right tool for it. The Craftsman LT2000 user manual will tell you exactly when to use this riding mower, along with covering some common issues and maintenance: