Growing up, most guys dream of at least trying their hand at professional racing. Nascar, Formula 1, that sort of thing. The thrill of the drive, the tight turns, the tense pit stops. Few ever get to realize our dreams, as we move onto our mundane lives that consist of work, television and mowing your lawn.

But Craftsman hears us. With the Craftsman R1000 Lawn Mower, we can finally realize our dreams of becoming the next Schumacher, if just within the confines of our yard. Its six speeds allow it to fly past lesser mowing tractors and can probably give that Ferrari a run for its money.

Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. This is just a riding lawn mower, after all. To top it off, it’s a budget model, which means its turning isn’t as crisp as a racing fanatic would like. But it still does what it’s supposed to well, which is mow the lawn without making you push a motor for hours on end.

Compared to trimmers and walk-behinders, riding lawn mowers can be difficult to fix. Regardless of the model you choose, they’re likely to end up being the most complex piece of machinery in your shed. Our Craftsman R1000 Manual will help you tell engine from wheel and allow you to get those gears in order without the need for a racetrack mechanic – just keep in mind that the same model is also going under the number 247203690.

Where can I download the user manual for the Craftsman R1000 Lawn Mower?

If you’re a little concerned about using a riding lawn mower as opposed to a walk-behind one, the Craftsman R1000 user manual also has plenty of safety instructions. It’ll help you prevent accidents in your garden as you push those pesky weeds to their limit: