Jabra‘s branding can get confusing even for an experienced tech user. Let’s take the Jabra 9400BS Series Wireless Headsets as an example: what do you even get in the package?

While the seller might refer to this product as a wireless headset, the “BS” in the name refers to the base. That means that the two are separate entities, and you need to look for the aforementioned tagline to get the complete suite. If you aren’t careful, you’ll end up with just the headphones and no base, rendering them useless.

Sheesh. We explained it better than they did. Provided you actually figured how to get both the headset and the base on your table or in your car, you’ll find using it a rather pleasant experience. The headset’s minimalistic frame will make sure you avoid looking funky while still retaining full functionality. The microphone is likewise low-key, but picks up voice well and even cancels the background noise a bit.

Like we said, if a part of your 9400BS malfunctioned, you don’t necessarily need to buy the whole thing again. As the Jabra 9400BS Series manual will tell you, the headset is sold separately from the base as it’s the part that most often breaks or suffers some other nastiness.

Where to download the Jabra PRO 9400 Series Wireless Headset User Manuals?

That’s not to say that there’s a guarantee of having an easy time with the base, though. Like all wireless headsets, setting this thing up can be tricky, and Jabra’s “Pro” label of the 9400 series can come off as look daunting. Not to worry, as our Jabra 9400BS user manual will make you fearless and let you talk to your friends without causing a road incident: https://sharedf.com/jabra-9400bs-manual/